We are a small non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, rescuing, adopting, educating and well being of senior animals and provide public education to their value.

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To promote the rescue, adoption, and well-being of senior animals and provide public education to their value.


That every senior animal has a high quality of life, love, care, and a home in their remaining years.

  • Care and compassion of senior animals
  • Dignity and value of aging pets

Why Senior Pets?

A Note from a Senior Pet Owner

Senior Pet Owner“I don’t know if I ever told you this. We adopted our first adult rescue about ten years ago. She was BIG (90#) and BLACK and seven years old. She had been passed over many times because she was ‘old.’ At the time I was 49. I took offense, being the same age as she, at the thought of being passed over due to age. “I must have that dog” I thought. And it was a match made in Heaven.

Sidney lived another five years and had the heart of a lion. We have since adopted two other Labs from Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (dlrr.org) and they are about six years old now. I will never do puppydom again. I’ve stepped in enough pee and had enough shoes ruined by teething. And I know there are many other Sidneys out there!”

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Forever In Our Hearts

In a senior animal rescue, the loss of one our “rescues” is inevitable. It’s part of the job some would say. But it is not an easy part to face. Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary was created out of love for those senior pets that have fallen victim to our disposable society.

Please join us in remembering those who lived life to the fullest at our sanctuary or in forever foster homes.

Remembering Them Here


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