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Amos is a sweet boy that was very loved by his owner who passed away unexpectedly. Considering the fact that he didn’t get out and about much with his recluse owner, Amos settled well into our sanctuary and is now in a foster home.


In his foster home, Amos is such a happy little guy! His most favorite thing ever is to be by his human companion and now toys are becoming a big favorite too!. He doesn't get pushy about begging, understands and respects social cues from the resident dog in his foster home. Amos does well with dogs and cats, but they seem to come in second place behind his human.

After much work at the sanctuary and his foster home, Amos is just loving his walks. He wiggles around so much that it can be difficult to get the leash attached, but Amos loves meeting new people and has nearly perfect manners on walks. Perfect meaning that he hasn't shown any reactive behavior towards other dogs, cats, bicycles etc. Fun news to report from his walks is that Amos got to meet a neighbor's cat and was a perfect gentleman. He also saw two GINORMOUS dogs walk by and tried to get them to play.

Bonus fact: Amos just had a birthday in July and officially turned 11 years old. Happy birthday Amos!


At 26 lbs., we hope that he finds a forever home with someone who will walk him regularly to get some of that extra weight off or keep him on a pretty strict diet. Those extra 8-10 lbs. can really put a stress on a smaller dog’s system. Amos will for sure reward his human companion with lots of love, kisses and cuddles at night.  

His foster is walking him a bunch and keeping him on a strict diet and he is starting to get a waistline! We need to get him in for a weight check!

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