About Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Helping senior dogs in Arizona find loving homes

Our mission at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary (FLPS) is to help overlooked senior dogs in Arizona find their forever homes.

We’ve been rescuing and adopting out senior pups since 2012, and the success stories are powerful. Dogs who were abandoned or tossed out as strays are incredibly resilient — they simply want a place to call home and people to love. Older dogs make loving, loyal, wonderful companions.

how Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary helps the Phoenix community

How does FLPS help the community?

Our sanctuary serves a public need by housing a limited number of senior dogs. This provides relief to local shelters, which are often overcrowded.
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What we do

FLPS works with local animal rescues and shelters to identify senior dogs in need. Unfortunately, euthanizing senior animals at county shelters is common due to lack of space and a focus on younger, “more adoptable” dogs. We provide a variety of services:

How we prep these dogs for their second chance at life

Before we make them available for adoption, every senior dog with Forever Loved receives:

  • Spay or neuter surgery (if needed)
  • Medical examination
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchip
  • Lots of daily love and care!
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Why are there so many older dogs in need of homes?

For various reasons — including moving, a new baby, divorce, or medical expenses — many dogs sadly end up at local shelters.

Once there, finding a senior dog a new home has been difficult historically, because most people want younger dogs, puppies, or purebred dogs from breeders (according to the American Pet Products Association, 34% of American families still obtain their dogs through breeders).

Our goal at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is to educate the public on why this is an unfortunate trend, and show people why senior dogs deserve a second chance.

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