Current volunteers

Heading to the sanctuary?

Thank you for donating your time! When you arrive, please check in and be sure to read the boards. Here are some possible things you can help with while at Forever Loved:

  • Walk a dog (check the walking calendars first)
  • Fill Kongs with peanut butter and put in the freezer
  • Wash or refill water bowls
  • Brush or bathe a dog
  • Sweep, mop, dust, and/or wipe counters
  • Laundry
  • Scoop poop
  • Cuddle with a dog, or read him or her a book!
Volunteers at Forever Loved
volunteering at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Are there more ways I can volunteer?

Yes! We are always looking for dog walkers, breakfast and dinner feeders, foster homes, fundraising committee members, and transport volunteers. Contact us to learn more!
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Volunteer opportunities at upcoming events