How your donations help

$10 can help us...
Feed a senior dog at our sanctuary, OR microchip a new dog so he/she never gets lost again.
$25 helps purchase...
A collar, harness, tags, and a leash for a new dog in our care.
$45 pays for...
Vaccinations for a dog, such as rabies and Bordetella.
$100 supports...
Spay or neuter surgery for a dog, which can help prevent future homeless dogs.
$250 supports...
Bloodwork for a senior dog awaiting a new home.
$300-500 pays for...
A dental cleaning for a shelter dog, OR a behavior consultation and training plan for a needy dog.
costs of saving a senior dog

Typical costs to save a senior dog

Help senior dogs even more by making your gift monthly!

Thank you for your support — we couldn’t do our work without you.

2 dogs at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

What is a Forever Hero?

Forever Heroes make a recurring monthly donation to Forever Loved. Your generosity will help us save and care for senior dogs year-round. Thank you!
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