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Senior dog information

These scientists are performing research, with the goal of extending the period of life in which dogs are healthy.
This site offers information for prospective adopters and foster volunteers, plus health care information pertaining to senior dogs.
Your checklist of to-do items: before adopting, items to buy, and how to make your pet a great addition to the family.
Excellent article on helping your aging dog stay fit, eat healthy, and more.

Arizona resources

Preventing pet homelessness by keeping families and their pets together.
Rescuing abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in low-income and underserved Phoenix communities‍
300+ pet-friendly apartments in Scottsdale, AZ
For pet owners looking for apartments in Scottsdale, AZ
Benefits of spaying and neutering, plus low cost clinics in the Phoenix area that can help.

Products for senior dogs

Give a blind dog the confidence to move around freely!
Dog adopters: Get a 20% discount on luxury dog beds! Contact this company for your online code.

Adoptions & senior rescues

North America’s largest nonprofit pet adoption site
San Francisco, CA
Tucson, AZ

Misc. articles

1 in 5 dogs will experience arthritis in their lifetime. Learn about symptoms and treatment options.
Pets have a positive impact on our mental and physical health and overall wellbeing — especially for older adults.