Should we adopt a senior dog? Here's why they're great

Should we adopt a senior dog? Here's why they're great

We’re all getting older. Maybe we can’t do strenuous activities like we used to, maybe we need extra sleep to function, or maybe we need to change our diet to stay healthy. Does that make us any less lovable or good friends? Of course not.

The same is true for our pets. Unfortunately, when people are looking to adopt a dog, they often overlook an animal if it's labeled a “senior.” They believe the myth that older pets don’t like to play, do nothing but sleep, or need more costly vet visits. Not true! Here are five specific reasons from us — plus 21 more reasons from our friends at Beyond the Treat — on why you and/or your family should adopt a shelter dog.

At Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary, we have awesome senior dogs who bust all the myths. In fact, we have a minor celebrity! Deuce is an 11-year-old Plott Hound mix, whom you can see competing on Animal Planet’s Dog Bowl II on Saturday, Feb. 2 (check with your cable or satellite provider, as times may vary) with other senior dogs.

Deuce is just one of our awesome dogs available for adoption. New to the Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary family is Tiko, a ten year old Applehead Chihuahua. She is sweet and gets along with other animals but can be an only pet too. We have other dogs who would make great companions and are available for adoption too.

Tiko chihuahua mix

But why should you get your new best friend from Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary?

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is 1 of 2 shelters in the Phoenix area whose mission is to help senior dogs

Some shelters overlook senior pets as they are considered "less adoptable," or they don’t put as much effort into getting them adopted. We only take senior dogs, so if you adopt from us, you get a great companion and you help us make room for another animal.

Our dogs are socialized

We have a slew of awesome volunteers who regularly take the dogs out in the yard to play, feed them, and administer their medications when necessary. They get to know the dogs and their personalities and can help match an adopter with the right one.

Our dogs are trained

Along with socialization, we train our dogs — whether that means being better on a leash, being calm around other dogs, or eating on a routine. Many of our senior dogs were previously in homes, so we ensure that they continue to receive regular interactions with humans (our volunteers). Besides, not everyone has the desire or the patience to handle an energetic puppy that will take time to train.

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