What Sets Forever Loved Apart

What Sets Forever Loved Apart

With a wide range of dog rescues in the Valley, where you choose to donate, volunteer, or adopt is important. We are proud of Forever Loved and how it is run, and you should feel good supporting us. Here are some things that set us apart: 

1. Our finances

The money we receive, which consists entirely of donations, goes right back into caring for our senior dogs. We are all volunteers, and only our Director receives a small stipend. We are proud of this distinction, and our donors can rest assured that their gifts to Forever Loved will be put to good use.

2. Medical care

One of our guiding principles is that we want our dogs healthy when you adopt them. In addition to a thorough exam, vaccinations  and spay/neuter if needed, we go the extra mile and obtain blood work on all our dogs, which includes testing for Valley Fever, tick fever, and heartworm.

Every dog is different, but on average we spend about $1,100 per dog, according to our most recent figures, which directly reflects our commitment to our dogs and to our adopting families. 

3.  Seniors only

This one is the most obvious! We (almost always) rescue dogs age 7 and older. As you may be aware, senior dogs are the least likely to be rescued or adopted from shelters and are most at risk of being euthanized.

Although an estimated 14,000 animal rescue organizations exist nationwide, less than 40 of them are dedicated exclusively to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing senior dogs. We are proud to help this most vulnerable population, and we so appreciate your support. 

Caroline, one of Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary's first senior dogs.
Senior dogs are the best! This is Caroline.

4.  Perfect mix of housing options

With a strong network of foster families as well as a small sanctuary that can house 6-10 dogs, we have the perfect balance of housing options for our dogs. We don’t have the pricey overhead of a large shelter, but we do have a small, wonderful sanctuary to house dogs who are new, recuperating, or visiting while their fosters are away. 

Because the sanctuary is small and relatively quiet, it’s a better environment for new dogs to decompress and existing residents to be less stressed.

The sanctuary’s spacious kennel suites are comfortable and each even have their own outdoor space. Our shelter manager and volunteers are able to get to know the dogs individually, too, which is helpful for placement.

Our robust foster program is a vital complement as our dogs can be part of a family, enjoy the comforts of a home and their habits and temperaments learned, too. They can also receive some basic training if needed. These housing options mean a better experience for our dogs and ultimately a better adoption.

Betty at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary
The personal doggie door inside her kennel at our sanctuary makes Betty happy.

5.  Our approach to volunteering

Our approach to volunteering is uncommonly flexible. We have no minimum hour requirement. For those who prefer a schedule, we offer opportunities for feeders to have a set rotation for feeding and socializing with our dogs.

For those who prefer a less structured approach, we welcome any volunteers (who have completed the new volunteer training) to stop by and socialize with the dogs during the day. 

Due to COVID restrictions, they must sign up online but there is no schedule. As long as we are not at maximum capacity, a volunteer may stop by, for as little or long as they like.

We also welcome new volunteers with open arms. Have you ever volunteered somewhere and felt your time wasn’t well-spent or you didn’t really fit in? We are excited about, and welcome, new volunteers and new ideas. We have regular volunteer meetings and a wide variety of opportunities.

Our dogs appreciate our volunteers!

6.  Ruby

Last but certainly not least, Ruby, our de facto mascot, sets us apart. She’s a one-of-a-kind choosy gal who came to us years ago. Because of her finicky nature with other dogs and humans, she remains a permanent resident of our sanctuary. Ruby may be small but her personality is anything but.

Ruby’s smile says it all!

We hope after reading about us, you know you can feel good supporting us in helping senior dogs. Dogs like Ruby may not know the specific details that set FLPS apart, but we know they all feel it in the care and attention they receive. Thank you for helping us help them!

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