Dog field trips

Dog field trips

Ongoing - must be an FLPS volunteer
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Where can the dogs go?

Dogs may be taken anywhere they are legally allowed to be in the Scottsdale/Phoenix, Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler areas, except dog parks. Because the risk of parasite and disease transmission, as well as interacting with potentially aggressive dogs, shelter dogs may not go to any dog parks. Please be sure and check on any restrictions at your destination location.

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is not responsible for any tickets or fines incurred by the volunteer during a field trip.

Dogs may visit a volunteer’s home as long as there is no other animal in the home, unless a prior meet and greet has been performed. This is for the safety of other animals as well as the shelter dog.

Who can take dogs on field trips?

The Dog Field Trip Program is open to volunteers who:

  • are age 18 and older
  • have a valid driver’s license, and
  • have been active Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary volunteers for at least 3 months.
  • Youth may accompany qualified adult volunteers on the field trip, but may not hold the leash or otherwise be made to be responsible for the dog.

Which dogs can go on field trips?

Only adoptable dogs who have been pre-approved by the Director of Animal Status and Welfare or Executive Director may go on field trips. Only 1 dog per approved volunteer may be checked out at a time.

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