Legacy Care: Pet Profile

General information

The information provided on this form will be used to assist us in providing a suitable home for your pet(s). We ask that you answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible. You may also e-mail us photo(s) of your pet(s) if you wish.

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Health & vet care

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Your dog's characteristics

The following questions will be helpful to the person who will adopt your animal. If you have ideas on how to make your pet's adjustment to a new home easier, please feel free to share. We want to make the adoption a success and will work hard to have happy owners and happy dogs.

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Final information and signature

At the time of my passing or time when my health no longer allows me to provide care for the above-mentioned dog, I hereby voluntarily relinquish all claims and ownership of said dog to the organization known as Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary ["Sanctuary"] and members thereof. We heavily vet our adopters and fosters; however, neither the Sanctuary nor members thereof shall be held responsible for actions of the adoptive or foster family and/or dog. The dog may be euthanized for extreme aggression or illness if Sanctuary deems it necessary, but this is always a very last resort after all other measures have been exhausted. I certify that this dog is not vicious and has never shown signs of aggression toward human beings, and certify that this dog has never bitten anyone.

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