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Luisa Chocron

Luisa Chocron

Founder & Executive Director

Since childhood, I have had a soft spot in my heart for animals. Growing up, I took every opportunity to spend time with the few animals who showed up in our family. Somehow an initial career path to veterinary school took a turn, and I ended up in commercial interior design.

As my love for animals remained strong, I began to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Over the years, I volunteered wherever needed, including cat and dog adoptions and fostering 30+ plus dogs (mainly Pit Bulls). Then finally after purchasing my first home and before unpacking, I adopted Claudia into my life. She was closely followed by Oscar, and Porter, with Sadie tumbling after.

My volunteer path led me to the areas where injured animals were treated. Here I found my passion for helping dogs and cats that would never “make it out” such as my one-eyed Leo, having sustained severe head trauma from abuse. Noticing the large number of discarded older dogs and cats, I narrowed my focus to the seniors. Thus my vision for Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary was born.

My hope is to fill a void for the senior animals who have been discarded or lost their humans, the ones more difficult to place, the ones who aren’t as “adoptable,” and the simply forgotten souls. I feel they deserve to live out their last few years, months, weeks, and yes — sometimes even days — with dignity, knowing they are loved. My home is a busy one that I share with my husband, daughter, and our six furry family members. Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is my offering, and I invite you to join me in making a difference.