A Day at the Sanctuary

A Day at the Sanctuary

Placing our dogs with fosters is always our first choice (and the dogs’!), but that’s not always possible for a variety of reasons. As explained in our article "A Dog's Forever Loved Journey" — sometimes they may be in our sanctuary for respite or injury care, or we may be doing an evaluation period for a new arrival.

Our volunteers do everything they can to ensure our sanctuary dogs feel loved, secure, and cared for. We are grateful to our feeders, walkers, and all others who help care for our dogs.

We are fortunate to have Craig Golbach, Director of Animal Services, on hand as well, to oversee the dogs’ care and ensure operations run smoothly. Of course every day (and pup!) is a little different, but the following represents a typical day at the FLPS Sanctuary.

Early Morning

Volunteer feeders arrive early in the morning. This is a very exciting development. They are greeted with wagging tails and eager faces.

Feeders review the charts and ensure each dog receives their appropriate meal and any medication.

They review any notes left by other volunteers regarding the dogs’ behavior and/or health. They feed the dogs, clean dishes, write down any observations, and give each dog some attention.


Craig and/or Executive Director Luisa Chocron arrive at the sanctuary for the workday. The dogs are always happy to have company!

Craig says it depends on the group of dogs, but usually there’s a little barking when anyone arrives. After a couple minutes the dogs settle down, and he or Luisa checks on each pup to make sure they’re OK and ready for their day.

Personalities and issues permitting, Craig lets each dog have run of the sanctuary interior for a little while. It gives them some additional area to explore and have some freedom.

Throughout the day Craig updates dogs’ files, inputting invoices and notes, keeping all information current and accurate. Meanwhile Luisa answers emails, makes calls, and tends to the matters of the day.

Late Morning

Volunteers arrive to walk the dogs! Most are excited to go on an adventure. This is their favorite part of the day and an important part.

The mental and physical exercise is vital to their well-being. They walk around the neighborhood and sometimes visit the nearby park.


A volunteer arrives to transport a dog to the vet for a procedure. This is fairly common. All new sanctuary dogs visit our FLPS veterinarian, Dr. Bob of All Creatures Animal Clinic, for an initial examination.

Follow-up visits are often required, so Craig and Luisa transport animals frequently for these appointments.

A volunteer stops by to provide some socialization for the dogs. He or she spends some time in each kennel, providing some pats and one-on-one attention and an approved treat

Volunteers also help with cleaning kennels and the outdoor area, and/or doing laundry.

Craig and Luisa finish their workdays. Sometimes volunteers remain to care for dogs and clean.


Volunteer feeders arrive to serve dinner. After a nice day, most of the dogs have built up an appetite and look forward to their meal. Each meal is enjoyed, and feeders clean dishes and leave any notes.

After dinner, the dogs enjoy dimmed lights and can spend time in their individual kennels and yards. About a year ago, FLPS installed metal tops so no need to worry about predator dangers.

Later in the evening, the lights are turned off, and it’s time for the sanctuary dogs to dream about the fun days ahead when they are part of a forever family :)

There are a lot of moving parts, and it definitely takes a village to care for our sanctuary dogs each day! Many thanks to all those involved!

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