A Boy’s Birthday Party Benefits FLPS

A Boy’s Birthday Party Benefits FLPS

The dogs in the sanctuary enjoyed a wonderful surprise recently. They received a visit from Valley resident Beckham Wright, age 9, and he had a very special delivery!

Beckham had just celebrated his ninth birthday with a party for 30 friends. In lieu of friends bringing him gifts, he requested that they purchase items from Forever Loved’s Amazon Wish List.

Beckham adores animals, particularly dogs, and supporting senior dogs was a natural fit. This interest in senior dogs was inspired by a nearly blind and deaf shih tzu senior dog named Charlie.

Charlie, aged 16

The Wright family took Charlie in about three years ago, and he helped instill a special place in their hearts for senior dogs. Charlie now lives with Beckham’s grandpa and is still going strong at 16.

Beckham’s friends and their parents embraced his birthday request and purchased all sorts of leashes, treats, dog toys, harnesses, and other items from the wish list. Friends thought it was a great idea and parents did too.

Not only was it important to support senior dogs, who are often overlooked in favor of puppies, says Beckham’s mom, Jianna Wright, but there is another benefit that parents can appreciate.

“We didn’t need 30 birthday gifts. This is a great way to support a great cause and also not receive unneeded gifts.”

Parents seemed to like the idea so much Jianna hopes it will catch on.

After Beckham’s party, Jianna reached out to Forever Loved to see about delivering the donations. Once FLPS learned about Beckham’s involvement, we invited him to come by and meet the dogs in the Sanctuary so he could see who would directly benefit from his birthday generosity.

Visiting the sanctuary

Executive Director Luisa Chocron showed the Wrights around the facility, shared a bit about FLPS’s background, and told them about the sanctuary dogs.

“I was happy because I got to see the dogs there and go in their cages. I got to pet them too,” says Beckham. 

Getting kisses from Roxy

Beckham says his favorite dog was either Roxy or Rocco. He also noted that Roxy gave the most kisses and there was a lot of barking. Sounds like our dogs know how to make an impression! 

We know the dogs were happy to have this very special guest stop by and will appreciate all the gifts for a long time to come! Thanks again to Beckham and his mom, Jianna, for helping our senior dogs!

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