Dog Bowl II player profile: Deuce from Scottsdale, AZ

Dog Bowl II player profile: Deuce from Scottsdale, AZ

Animal Planet has been airing the Puppy Bowl since 2005, featuring adorable puppies hoping to find their forever homes. But puppies are mostly an easy sell. That’s not true for dogs who have reached a more mature age.

In 2018, the network launched Dog Bowl to highlight the often overlooked dogs at shelters: seniors, special needs, and “bully” breeds. The hope is people will see these dogs have as much to offer as younger, “normal” dogs and get them adopted.

People who think senior dogs do nothing but sit around and nap have never met Deuce, an 11-year-old Plott Hound mix available for adoption at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary.  In fact he’s doing what most puppies and younger dogs will never do — compete in Animal Planet’s DOG BOWL II, airing on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019.

Check your TV provider's local listings for this Saturday evening's airtime, and set your DVR in advance! (Note: Cox, DirecTV, Dish, Playstation Vue, etc. may be airing Dog Bowl at different times)

Deuce on Dog Bowl II playing field - Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Deuce will be one of only 63 dogs from shelters around the country to compete this year. Deuce is energetic, gentle, smart, loves to play, and gets along with other dogs — he'll make a great pet for a lucky person or family. Deuce, like other senior dogs who wind up at shelters, are often the last to be adopted, and unfortunately, many don’t get adopted at all.

There are many advantages to adopting an older dog. For one, what you see is what you get. That sweet older dog isn’t going to do a 180 in personality. Another advantage is many older dogs have been in homes previously and most likely know basic commands. No puppy crate training for them!

Despite the myth, older dogs are not necessarily more expensive than younger dogs and puppies. Older dogs from shelters generally have been spayed or neutered, had basic vaccines, and shelters tend to lower or sometimes waive adoption fees for them.  

While not all senior dogs will ever have the honor of competing in the Dog Bowl like Deuce, they have a lot of love and life to share with their human companions. If you are interested in adopting Deuce or any of our other animals, please contact us.

Don’t forget to watch Deuce and the other awesome canine competitors on DOG BOWL II, on Saturday, Feb. 2. Also, be sure to connect with us Facebook and Instagram to read stories and find out about our special events.

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