Forever Loved Finances: True or False Quiz

Forever Loved Finances: True or False Quiz

As a charitable nonprofit organization reliant upon donations, we think it’s important you know how FLPS gets our funds as well as how we use them. Angela Heckler, Director of Fundraising for FLPS (pictured directly above preparing for last year’s Cocktails & Canines event) shares some general financial information, takeaways from 2020 and looks a bit into the future.

Can you spot which of the 6 statements below is false?

1. We rely solely on donations

True. We receive no government funding, and the overwhelming majority of our revenue (about 95%) comes from individual donors, for whom we are so grateful! In 2020, our estimated revenue was $173,400 and came from various sources, including:

Many thanks to Dr. Bob and staff for all they do for our dogs!

2. Our biggest expense is medical

True. Our total estimated expenses for 2020 were $144,200 and of that we spent over $100,000 on medical, even with the reduced fees Dr. Bob and All Creatures Animal Clinic so kindly provide us. 

Our medical costs are our biggest expense because senior dogs tend to need medical care when we take them in. It’s common they require some dental work or other treatment. 

These high medical expenses also reflect the Forever Loved philosophy that we want our dogs healthy when you adopt them. We don’t want to give you a “to-do,” says Angela. We are conservative in accepting dogs because we want to be sure we can cover any medical issues we may discover.

Gina, one of our wonderful foster volunteers, with a foster pup.

3. We keep our overhead low

True. We are always mindful of our mission to help senior dogs and as such, we do all we can to keep expenses down. This is in large part thanks to our loyal donors.

“Anytime we put out the word that we need something — whether it’s printer paper or dog food or detergent — our supporters step up,” Angela says. 

We pay one modest salary, and that’s to our President; all other roles at FLPS are volunteers. Thank you! 

Another reason our overhead is low is because of our small sanctuary. We are so fortunate to have a robust foster program not only because it’s better for the dogs and adopters but because it saves us the cost of having to operate a bigger shelter. Thanks to our fosters!

Your generosity makes our tails wag.

4. 2020 was a game-changer

True. 2020 made us adapt how we fundraise. Changes included:

  • No Canines & Cocktails. Sadly, we couldn’t host this annual event that accounts for about 35% of our total revenue. “We asked our sponsors to still donate the amount they were planning to give for the event, but this time, 100% would go to the dogs, rather than some to event costs,” explains Angela. “And by and large, our donors stepped up and donated.” Amazing!
  • Personal outreach. Angela has devoted time to personally thanking donors and strengthening relationships.
  • Online fundraising. Giving Tuesday and other online events were terrific successes. Facebook fundraisers also helped. The latter is an easy, much-appreciated method for letting your friends know about, and support, us.
  • Online store. Because we weren’t selling merchandise at events, Drew Eastmead of set up an online store on our website, where supporters can purchase FLPS merchandise to be shipped directly to them. Thanks, Drew! This has been quite popular, and we are grateful to Nancy at for fulfilling our orders.
  • Getting found. Our online presence helped us garner support from all over the country, including being discovered by Molly’s PawPrint, a foundation dedicated to helping no-kill shelters. They gave us a $20,000 grant! This helped us save an additional 18 dogs this year.

5. We are excited about the future

True! We are so passionate about making a bigger impact and striving to save more senior dogs. The need is enormous. We still turn a lot of people (and dogs) away simply because we don’t have the capacity or funds. 

Angela, ever the optimist, says her fundraising goal for FLPS is $200,000 for 2021. She points out that we increased our revenues in 2020 by 18% compared to 2019. Wow!

Dogs like Meeka have you to thank!

6. We can do this without you

Absolutely false! Hopefully in reading about our finances you realize what a significant impact you have. We truly couldn’t save senior dogs without your help.

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