A new grant from Molly’s PawPrint will help FLPS save more senior dogs

A new grant from Molly’s PawPrint will help FLPS save more senior dogs

Exciting grant news! Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary recently received a $20,000 grant from Molly’s PawPrint — woohoo! It’s our second incredibly generous grant from this amazing organization, and we couldn’t be more grateful. As you may recall, from a previous blog post about our finances, FLPS does not receive many grants, so we rely almost exclusively on private donations.

So how did this grant come about, and how do we put the money to use? We reached out to our director of fundraising, Angela Heckler, to discuss this wonderful development.

Tell us about Molly’s PawPrint, the group that gave us this generous grant.

Molly’s Pawprint is a family-run organization that is dedicated to the furtherance of no-kill efforts to rescue and adopt companion animals. They help by awarding grants to rescues whose missions align with their desire to promote no-kill rescues. They do impactful work, helping us and nonprofit rescues in other states, too.

How did Forever Loved’s relationship with Molly’s PawPrint begin?

They reached out to us in early 2020. They liked our mission of rescuing and finding forever homes for senior dogs. They found us online and wanted to find out more information about us, to see if we were a good fit for the type of organization they wanted to support. 

I took them on a virtual tour, introduced them to some of the dogs and they met our founder and executive director, Luisa Chocron. We wanted them to get a feel for how we operate, from a distance.

What was your reaction when you found out you were awarded the money? 

We were thrilled! We were, and continue to be, so excited because the funds will go directly to saving more dogs. To know we can say “yes” to saving more senior dogs is such a great feeling. The need remains so great. We also thought, we need to get more fosters!

What did you use the money for, and were there constraints on how to use the money? 

Molly’s PawPrint doesn’t put strings on the grant they gave us, but we knew we wanted the money to go directly to saving more dogs, which aligns with their mission of furthering no-kill efforts. 

Molly’s PawPrint has been great to work with because they support nonprofits like ours that look to find homes for, and improve the lives of, companion pets. Their $20,000 contribution allowed us to save 17 more senior dogs in 2020. To now receive a second grant is just as amazing because we know we can save at least another 15 dogs in 2021.

How do you keep in touch with Molly’s PawPrint?

Molly’s PawPrint is very easy to work with and does not have any formal reporting requirements. I keep in touch with them by giving them regular updates on our rescue efforts. 

Every month I send them photos and information about each dog we have saved. We want them to know we are putting their money to good use! This past year we have increased the number of dogs we’ve helped, and it’s gratifying to spread the good news.

Members of Molly’s PawPrint actually flew to the Valley earlier this year, and we were able to show them around the sanctuary in person! They were so nice, supportive, and interested — and it was great to show them what we do and meet them face-to-face.

To receive another grant this year is very exciting! How did that come about? 

We were so pleasantly surprised! We knew we had developed a good relationship with Molly’s PawPrint, and we were aware it was possible we’d get a second grant, but it wasn’t a certainty at all. 

They surprised us during a Zoom call, and we were so excited! We know the need to find homes for our senior dogs is greater than what we can provide, so knowing we can save additional dogs is wonderful. We are very grateful that Molly’s PawPrint values the work we do for senior dogs and wants to help this all-too-often overlooked population.

Thank you, Molly's PawPrint!

Many thanks to Molly’s PawPrint! We are honored to be the recipient of this grant, and we will work hard to put the funds to good use in our community. And thank you to Angela for filling us in and also for all the behind-the-scenes work you do in helping Forever Loved help senior dogs!

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