Success story: Betty

Success story: Betty

We always like a successful adoption story. And now more than ever, it seems we're in need of stories with happy endings. We are pleased to share with you that Betty, adopted by Vickie and her family just this past December, is very happy and comfortable in her new home.

Vickie had been thinking about finding a companion for her senior dog Philippe, but was a bit concerned about how Philippe would respond to a new dog and vice versa. Fortunately, the two dogs have gotten along very well from the beginning.

“I couldn’t have genetically engineered a better dog. She is a perfect fit and so well-adjusted,” marvels Vickie.

Betty spends her days exploring the huge backyard, fitting right in with the other animals on the property — rescue horses and goats!

Betty is kind to Philippe and knows not to try to engage him too much. When she walks by, she often gives him a friendly lick. Vickie was worried he might be territorial and not welcome Betty. Instead, Philippe is quite content with his new companion.

In fact, Betty has acclimated very well with the whole household and enjoys being near her family members. She spends her days exploring her huge backyard, fitting right in with life on the family’s property with rescue horses and goats.

Being retirees, and busy with the care of their animals and property, Vickie says their daily lives haven’t changed too much since the pandemic, except that their 9-year-old grandson is now home all the time. This change is happy news to Betty, who enjoys playing with him, particularly running around the house.

Based on Vickie's success of having rescued 15 dogs in 30 years, one might assume that she has honed her instincts when choosing a dog.

“No,” she laughs. "Definitely not — I’m just looking for a dog who needs a family and gets along with our dogs.”

She explains she doesn’t have a type she seeks. She just wants to help dogs, particularly senior dogs — and that is music to our ears. She knew senior dogs might have a harder time getting adopted.

“You can do the most good by giving them what they need, a home. I know some people want to start from scratch with a puppy, but we don’t feel that way.”

It has worked out so well, one can’t help but be convinced this match was simply meant to be. When Vickie met Betty, she wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone snatched her up yet?” While Betty probably wondered the same thing, we are positive that she now thinks the wait was worth it.

Do you have a happy FLPS adoption story we could feature? Contact us! And check out the Better Homes & Gardens November 2019 article on rescuing senior dogs that prompted Vicky to contact FLPS. By the way, this wasn’t the first time FLPS garnered national media attention!

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