Success story: Ginny

Success story: Ginny

We picked up sweet Virgina (aka Ginny) at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, where she had been brought in as a stray. At the time, this 35-pound schipperke mix was 10 years old and:

  • full of life!
  • sweet, energetic — loves to play and good with other dogs
  • loves every human she meets and wants nothing more than love
  • rides perfectly in the car and enjoys a good walk

This all made it extremely hard, as we found out at her initial vet exam that she had cancer (in her abdomen, mammory tumors, and lymphnodes), which had spread and was deemed inoperable. You wouldn’t know it by how she acts, but her spine is also partially fused together. We really wished there was more we could do for her.

Still, Ginny had lots of life in her, despite being given “only a couple of weeks to live.” Along came our all-star forever foster Kristi, who has since provided Ginny with a truly wonderful, loving home for the past 6 months in 2018. Both are enjoying life to the fullest, still walking a mile every night! Ginny continues with her playful attitude, enjoying hikes in both warm and cold weather! Thank you Kristi!

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