Success story: Max

Success story: Max

After being with FLPS for almost an entire year, Max3 found his forever home. Tiffany, who had taken over care of her family’s elderly dog, quickly appreciated the love that these kinds of dogs can give in return. She knew she had time and room in her heart for a similar dog, and she specifically wanted a senior to pamper and spoil. Max was absolutely thrilled to be chosen for this request!

“Max has honestly been the perfect dog — I could not be happier with him. Thank you so much for this wonderful cute little fur-ball of joy!” Tiffany says.

Her friends were also excited for Max’s arrival, and they threw her a shower to welcome home her new addition. So sweet!

After the adoption process, Tiffany said: “FLPS has been so supportive and helpful, even after the adoption process was finished. You can tell they really love and care for their rescues!”

According to Tiffany, Max has settled in perfectly, and his favorite pasttime is napping on her bed. He also has a kitty roommate, who is trying to help him feel welcome by attempting to groom him. Max still isn’t sure about the cat, but we think it’s adorable!

We can already tell Max is surrounded by tons of love, and can’t wait to hear more updates on his new life!

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