Success story: Ranger

Success story: Ranger

By the end of 2015, we had had Caroline — our black Australian Cattle mix — for a year and a half. We thought she’d like to have a friend, so we were ready to adopt our second pup. Preferably from Forever Loved!

I had been following Ranger’s story, because he was another senior Australian mix — we think shepherd — at FLPS. He looked very sad when he arrived at the sanctuary — he had a bad case of mange, fleas, extremely long nails, and could barely walk. He had been abandoned and found on Reservation land in Arizona.

At 12 years old and sick, Ranger was very much at risk at the county shelter. Forever Loved stepped in, rescued him, and started rehabilitating him. Within a couple months, he was looking like a very handsome boy again. Forever Loved and its vet clinic partners truly brought this dog back to life. He would be on medication the rest of his life, so FLPS sought out a “forever foster,” where the sanctuary would help offset some his health care costs to a family that took him in.

Forever Loved and its vet clinic partners truly brought Ranger back to life.

When my wife and I attended Canines & Cocktails that November, Ranger was there. He sat for the longest time in the same spot, just relaxing — glad to be among friendly people, glad he was healthy again, but mostly hoping someone would welcome him into their family and give him the home he deserved for whatever time he had remaining.

We brought Ranger home the following weekend to see how he’d get along with Caroline. It was an instant fit. They quietly hung out together, and Ranger stuck closely by both of us at all times. We never really knew if he had been with a family before, but he was so well behaved that I think he must have been. How sad it was that he was abandoned at such an old age.

We had Ranger for five wonderful months, and he was healthy and happy up until the final two or three days. Several of his body’s systems simultaneously just started to give out.

Two years later, I still really miss him. He was so friendly and grateful and chill, and despite his hips and legs being in poor shape, he always followed us around and was eager to take his daily walk. He was a great friend to Caroline, and he made us laugh with his humor.

Thank you, Forever Loved, for allowing us to “forever foster” Ranger.

-Drew Eastmead, board member

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