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Champ & Pepe

Champ & Pepe

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We came to Forever Loved after our owner passed away. In the blink of an eye, we were suddenly homeless.

We are so grateful they took us in so we could prove how perfect a pair we really are.


Well hello there!  We are Champ and Pepe, and we are poised to steal your heart.

Champ is a 10 year old 20 lb ShihTzu/Poodle mix and Pepe is a 10 year old 8 lb Poodle/Schnauzer mix.  (A Shih Poo and a Schnoodle, how cute are we?)

We are the best of friends, and can often be seen sitting together on our chair, or laying together on a bed.

When we go out to the play yard, we are not so “joined at the hip” that we can’t be apart - Champ loves to play fetch with the tennis ball and Pepe loves to find the closest human for some snuggles and petting.

We are both reliably house trained, we keep our kennel clean and tidy, and we don’t fight over anything!

We both love petting and affection and Champ will nudge you gently for more.

Pepe will do a darling little dance for you, and how can you resist our darling faces?

We aren’t loud or barky and we ride nicely in the car.  We can go for easy walks, but you won’t find us misbehaving if we don’t get vigorous walkies.

We both have some luxating patellas in our rear legs, but we don’t need medication or pain killers.  What that means is that when we walk quickly, we have this wonky gait, so don’t be alarmed.

Pepe’s bloodwork came back with zero concerns and Champ shows indication that in the past he has had Valley Fever.  The vet said that Champ will benefit from some weight loss which will help with his gait, and Pepe is just perfect!

We were both great for bathing and grooming, and make sure you know that we will benefit from regular haircuts to keep us looking as adorable as ever!

We are good with other dogs, and really, adopting us as a pair will be easy-peasy.  You will get twice the love and laughs and your heart will be twice as full.

Just look at our precious faces and apply to meet us.  You will be glad you did, we promise!


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ShihTzu/Poodle mix and Poodle/Schnauzer mix
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