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This poor girl has had a rough year. After her dad passed away, Daisy was handed down to a couple different families until she found her way to Forever Loved. She is SO ready to have a permanent, loving home to call her own.


Daisy is a 10 year old Cavachon weighing 19 pounds. She is a dainty little girl and cute as can be. She doesn’t walk, she prances! Don’t let her fool you though, she is strong-willed and will have you wrapped around her paw in no time!

Always keeping you in sight, Daisy gets attached to her people and wants to hang out wherever you are. She would love to have a family that spends a lot of time at home. She has a soft spot for men, but will love anyone that is kind and patient (and will give her treats)!

Daisy does have some separation anxiety, and who can blame her, having recently lost her home so many times. She will bark when her people leave the house, so a single home without shared walls is a must. Otherwise, she barks for normal dog things—someone at the door or if she hears other dogs barking.

Would you like a companion to run errands? Riding in the car is one of Daisy’s favorite activities. She also loves going for walks and enjoying all the smells along the way. She can still play fetch with her tennis ball too! After some exercise is nap time. Daisy has some chronic arthritis that comes with age. She takes medicine that helps keep her comfortable and feeling spry.

Daisy is friendly with people and likes to approach them at her pace. Slow and gentle works great with her. A quiet home without small children is best. Daisy is more picky about her canine companions. She can get jealous when sharing her people with other dogs. Her family should be firm about setting boundaries. Being the only dog or being adopted by someone that has experience with introducing a new dog to their home would be ideal.

Completely housetrained, Daisy will go to the back door to be let out. She would probably learn to use a doggy door quickly too---she is very smart! She has also been using a crate for a few hours when her family is away. Daisy sleeps quietly in her bed through the night.


The ideal home for Daisy would be someone that is patient and calm as she navigates the transition to another new home. Someone that understands that Daisy has some anxiety and willing to let her slowly build trust. Daisy is a loyal, low key companion who will return the love many times over!

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