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David & Bobby

David & Bobby

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Hello There!  Get ready, cuz here we come!  I’m Bobby, and I’m David and we are quite the dynamic duo, ready to fill your home with love, laughter, and fun!

Our beloved owner who took excellent care of us and loved us to pieces, passed away tragically and unexpectedly and just as tragic, we were left with no where to go. The family members have some really mean kitty cats that did not like dogs at all, so Forever Loved stepped up to give us the next best home.

We went right in to a foster home with plenty of other dogs to play with, and the fosters say we are “such good dogs and will be hard to give up!”  Doesn’t that make you want to learn more about us??

Bobby here - I’m a 5 year old 11 lb Maltese mix, and I’m in great health.  The vet said I had some gingivitis, whatever that is, but after a dental, I have nice teeth and fresh breath!

My favorite thing to snuggle up with at night in my bed is my stuffed monkey toy.

David here - I’m a 9 year old 32lb Corgi mix and except for being a tiny bit overweight and having normal senior eye issues, I’m healthy myself.

My favorite thing is chewing on nylabones and I prefer to keep them to myself.  I won’t pick a fight over them, but I definitely let the other dogs know that it’s “mine!”

I think it is so much fun to dissect stuffed toys.  That’s another normal doggy behavior, and it has its root in “food acquisition”.

Speaking of food, we both are great eaters and finish our bowls with gusto.

We are both very reliably house trained, we learned to use a doggy door, and our fosters say our tails are always a waggin’.

We have good house manners, and if we all start barking, we will shush at just a single cue.

We met a child and were so happy to have someone to play with besides other dogs. Not that we don’t like other dogs, quite the contrary, we love everyone!

No reason why you can’t adopt both of us together!  We aren’t double the work, but we do bring double the snuggles, cuddles and kisses.


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