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Joey James

Joey James

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Joey James was found as a stray and taken to the Arizona Humane Society.


Sweet Joey James was on borrowed time. He was initially deemed unadoptable; diagnosed with a severe heart murmur and some gastric troubles. Forever Loved decided we wanted him to have comfort and love at the end of his life, so we scooped him up and brought him home.

Imagine our surprise when our vet and his colleague both confirmed that Joey James is extremely healthy!  No heart murmur and his gastric issues were easily resolved. He is currently not on any medications and has the energy of a youngster :)

Joey James, or JJ for short, quickly adjusted to his foster home. He gets along well with his foster sibling and other dogs. He has a super laid back personality, so would probably get along with cats too. JJ likes taking walks and even shows you his short sprint when he's in the mood. His eyesight and hearing are slightly diminished; normal for his age.

The groomer loves JJ and says he is one of her most well-behaved dogs. (And one of the most handsome I would say!) He rarely barks and gets along with everyone he meets. He likes getting pets and sweet talk.....especially if you are offering a treat!  JJ sure loves his food so expect him to be next to you when you are in the kitchen!

The ideal home for Joey James would be one that is low key. He needs someone that is home a lot of the day to help him get into a regular routine. A nice cushy bed or a bundle of blankets will do just fine for JJ's naps. He likes being an independent old man, so no worries about toys or competing with others for attention.

Forever Loved is so glad we rescued JJ and found out how a senior dog can thrive if given the chance! Joey James would love to show you how easy he is and how grateful he would be for a loving home.


Joey James is a 15 year old, 19 pound black poodle mix.

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