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Hello, my name is JuneBug and I am a gentle and oh-so-sweet 7 year old Chihuahua mix.  I was found as a stray by a very kind dog lover and my owners didn’t claim me, so I am with the bestest folks at Forever Loved looking for my new home.  I weigh almost 10 lbs, but the Vet said I should lose a few pounds to be at my best health and weight.  My bloodwork came back excellent, so that’s a plus!  I am getting a dental done soon, so once I get to come be your perfect gal, I will have sparkly teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath!  My teeth weren’t in the best condition when they found me, but goodness, they take such great care of us dogs at Forever Loved!  The only thing better than their love and care would be being at home with you.  I may be a bit shy and timid at first (the loves here at FL have pretty much figured out that I haven’t had the best of experiences in my past) but I absolutely love petting, affection, and belly rubs, and that’s the way to my heart.  Don’t tell the other dogs, but I’m pretty much a favorite, and they say I love to snuggle on their laps, or lay on my couch and listen to music.  I’m great with other dogs, too, and I really enjoy the play yard with the misters going in this hot weather.  I even have a boyfriend, Pablo, here at the sanctuary, and although he’s a really nice guy, my favorite thing to do is to be with you.

I will be honest, even the sight of a leash strikes terror into my precious heart.  If I could talk, I’d tell you why the leash is so scary to me. The perfect work-around for this is you can carry me wherever I need to go or I can follow you out to the fenced yard, and as long as you aren’t looking for a walking companion, we can work on creating a safe association with the leash with the help of the volunteer dog trainer.  (She said she’d love to help.)  Won’t you apply to meet me? I promise you years of love and companionship and lots of kisses, too.


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