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Lucas came to us from MCACC where he was surrendered by his owner because they were moving. Poor Lucas!


This handsome guy is a Labrador/ mastiff mix weighing about 65 lbs.  His golden fur is SO soft and he keeps himself very clean.  He is 12 years old but has the heart of a teeny bopper!

Lucas has a super chill personality and is never grumpy or aggressive.  He greets everyone with a friendly hello and welcomes their gentle hugs.  A major plus is that he seldom ever barks.  He is good with other dogs and has a kitty foster sister, but sometimes is a bit too curious with her (mostly when he’s bored!)

Toys don’t impress Lucas, so no need for that box of tennis balls!  He prefers his big soft bed with the plushy blankets.  He will roll around on his back making his happy noises—such a sweet boy!

Want a companion to accompany you on errands?  Lucas is your guy.  He loves to lay on the backseat and look out the window.  He might need a boost up or is happy to use a doggy ramp, but then is very content to go along for the ride.  Short walks around home or in the park are great too.  He takes his time to sniff around and enjoys being out and about.

Lucas loves to hang out with his family and gets lonely if he is by himself too long. He is a very good boy alone in the house but gets anxious if confined to a crate or bedroom. He is totally housetrained and can use the doggy door (as long as it’s large enough) or be taken outside to go potty.

Bedtime is easy peasy with Lucas.  He sleeps quietly on his bed through the night and even likes to sleep in. Lucas has the cutest morning routine.  He doesn’t want to get out of bed until you come and say good morning and give him a hug and a belly rub.  Then he gets up, gives you a little tail wag and is ready to start the day!

So Lucas sounds like the perfect dog, right?  He is pretty darn close!  But typical for older large dogs, Lucas has some arthritis in his legs. He needs a couple inexpensive meds to keep him comfortable.  Luckily, he has no problem taking the meds, especially if they are wrapped in some cheese!  If Lucas could talk, he’d tell you “No worries—I am good to go!”

An ideal home for Lucas would be one that is patient with his slow walks, not gone from home for long periods, willing to provide a couple soft beds and blankets and someone to give him plenty of hugs and assure him that he will not be abandoned ever again!  Is your heart big enough for Lucas?


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