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Shamus was transferred to Forever Loved from another shelter out of town in the hopes that he would have a much better chance of being adopted here in the valley.


Howdy!  My name is Shamus and I am a 6 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Lab mix weighing in at 67lbs.

I am currently loving life in a wonderful foster home and my foster calls me a “big baby” in the nicest of ways.

I am such a good dog, I have excellent house manners, and I am reliably house trained even using a doggy door.

I am not destructive, I love other dogs, especially the little ones, and I don’t guard my food bowl or favorite resting places.

I do identify as a small dog and think that I can fit on a lap, but I’m also content to lay on my dog bed.

Here’s the deal - I can be a bit vocal at being left apart from my human, but lately it’s been reported that I am quieting down and settling after a few minutes of voicing my displeasure.

I also tend to bark at visitors, but it’s not aggressive barking at all! I just am telling them that I want them to sit so I can put my head in their lap and get some beloved pets!

I’m a healthy boy overall but I have the doggy equivalent of Bell’s Palsy.  This makes my face look a bit wonky and unsymmetrical at times, but it doesn’t affect me in any negative way.

I do my happy dance when I see the leash come out for walks, and I love to go on car rides.

Although I am a “cattle dog”, I certainly don’t want to “herd” anything.  Overall I am a chill guy that just loves people.


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