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Hello there!  My name is Thunder, and have I got a special story to share with you.   I came to Forever Loved along with my two furry roommates after our owner passed away.  Although it was very sad to lose my owner, it turns out there is a silver lining to my story because I have received nothing but the best veterinary care, and have been so blessed to be in a loving foster home.  Matter of fact, my furry foster brother has taken me under his wing and both foster and foster brother have shown me nothing but love and great care.  By the way, I am a 12 year old 8lb Miniature Pinscher.  Turns out, I have Valley Fever, and the vet discovered torn ACLs, luxating patellas, and a curvature in my spine. So with my orthopedic challenges, I can walk, but I prefer to just hang out with you or find a comfy bed to snuggle in to.  Here’s the great news - I am so reliably house trained, I will hold it until I am outside, and all I need from you is for you to carry me out several times a day, and easy-peasy, I do my business and back in we go!  I am very gentle and quiet, and when you come home after an absence, I will do a squeaky noise to show you how happy I am.  I’d be great for an apartment or condo.  Going on walks is not really a good thing for me but I will tell you, I love to be carried in a sling or even go out in a stroller.  I am such a friendly and well-behaved guy!  I love other dogs, all kinds of people, and you can even say I am sweetness personified.  I will need the anti fungal med for a few more months, and a recheck of my blood to show that the Valley Fever is gone, but  will need a pain medication for the ortho issues for the rest of my life.  I feel so much better now that sometimes I even do “mini zoomies!”  I just know you can see what a treasure I am from my photos, and I’m hoping you have a spot in your heart for a very special dog…


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