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This big, handsome guy was loved for many years by his family. Unfortunately, they found themselves in a difficult situation—between homes and working long hours. They wanted Zeke to have a better life in a more stable home. We are so glad that we are able to help this family and Zeke find a happy ending to their story.


Zeke is the perfect combination of big lug and funny goofball.  This 10 year old Boxer/Labrador mix weighs 50 pounds and is very healthy.

He gets along with all people and enjoys hanging out with his family. Laid back and mellow are the best words to describe his personality. At home, you’ll find him napping on the couch, sniffing around the backyard, giving you the sad eyes for a treat or, if he’s in the mood, letting you chase him around the house carrying his stuffy toy!

Zeke has SO many positive qualities!  Here are a few:

*No issues with housetraining. He is a perfect gentleman with his potty habits.  He uses a doggy door or will wait by the door to be let out.

*Sleeps quietly through the night on his doggy bed on the floor (or in your bed if allowed!)

*Is fine to be left alone at home while you run errands.  And he’ll greet you at the door with his tail wagging when you get home.

*No special fancy food needed. Just some grain free dry dogfood. He’s a great eater.

*Zeke is super chill--not clingy or needy. If you want to give him hugs, he’ll give you a sloppy kiss back.  If you want some personal space, he’ll patiently take a nap beside you.  He’s such a good boy!

*Zeke knows the commands sit, shake and stay.  We’re working on catching treats mid-air!

A car ride and a walk are on the top of his favorites list. He rides well in the car and loves looking out the window. He is a great walking buddy too! But if he sees any movement such as another animal or someone running, he gets excited and wants to chase them.

The ideal family for Zeke would be one that is familiar with big dogs and willing/able to keep him fit by walking and playing.  A secure, fenced yard to explore would be awesome.

Zeke is a gentle soul with a strong body so an adult home or a family with children 10+ years old is best. Zeke did live with another dog in his previous home, but it seems like he prefers to be the only dog in the home at this point in his life.

Zeke is ready for the next chapter in his life story. Can you make room in your heart and home for this wonderful sweetheart? You can write that next chapter together!


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