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A message from our executive director / founder:

What a year! We saved 125 senior dogs in 2022 — a 20% increase from 2021. We also developed deeper relationships with other rescues, took on new medical issues, hosted in person events (again), and had increases in our hospice and foster programs.

We were so excited to expand our volunteer Animal Status team a bit this year to be able to better handle the influx of intakes, caused by various reasons such as housing instability or lack of veterinary and behavioral care in Maricopa County.

As we begin 2023, we are looking forward to beginning talks about migrating our private sanctuary to a public facility, but we know that will take time. In the meantime, we are continuing to add more volunteer positions, more fosters, and welcome more supporters who want to help us make a lasting impact on the animal welfare position in Arizona.

2022 success stories


Sasha’s life before coming to FLPS was not an easy one. As a dog of a backyard breeder, she was expected to produce litters her whole life and when she no longer proved useful she was surrendered.

We wish this weren’t a familiar story. After arriving at FLPS, a medical examination revealed Sasha needed extensive medical care, as she was diagnosed with a mammary mass and a heart murmur. Poor thing.

Such hardships, however, didn’t affect Sasha’s sunny disposition. Energetic, curious, friendly Sasha was soon adopted into her loving forever home. Here’s to a happy retirement, Sasha!


Moving is hard. It’s even harder when your family moves across the country without you. Sadly that was Rory’s fate when he was surrendered to FLPS, but resilient Rory didn’t let that get him down.

His energy and wonderful temperament won over his foster family immediately and they adopted him.

Now Rory is a part of a wonderful forever family with two beagles and a rotating assortment of foster dogs.

He is living the good life, spending time floating on pool rafts and supervising family members working from home.

Top 3 Reasons dogs come to us

1. Owner passed away

2. Owner's health is failing / going to care facility

3. Transferred from an Arizona County shelter


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