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Big Boy

Big Boy

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Big Boy and Robbie's owner passed away.


Every once in a while, a dog just steals the heart of all the volunteers. In this case, it’s a pair of them. Of course, we love all the dogs that pass through our rescue, but these two just have that je ne sais quoi.

Maybe it’s their story. As much as their prior owner cared about Big Boy, he never saw fit to take him anywhere off the property. No vet visits, no walks; in fact, BB had never had on a collar or a leash until he came to us.

Understandably, he was dubious about coming to a new place, meeting other people and experiencing most things for the first time. Through all this uncertainty, Big Boy’s never shown an ounce of aggression or any hint that he’s anything but a complete love bug!

He’s interacted with kids and adults, learning a ton of new skills along the way. We’re celebrating all the firsts with him, but his biggest cheerleader and the love of his life is sweet little firecracker Robbie.

She’s as tiny as he is big; but with a personality as sassy as they come. She will playfully growl, but only at BB. It’s the most hilarious interaction. He can’t help himself; he’s just so invested in her well - being, he crowds her personal space.

She quickly puts him in his place and they’re back to being best friends. They’ve been together their entire lives; their fates are sealed…Robbie and Big Boy are meant to stay together.

They would make great companions for a growing family or an active person or couple. We’re pretty sure Big Boy and Robbie would prefer to be the only two pets in the family but never fear, they’ll bring all the energy, love, and fun you can ask for.

Our volunteers have had such a great time getting to know these two characters, but our goal is to help them find their new chapter. Come meet them today, you’ll instantly fall in love!

Big Boy is a 6-year-old, 75 pound American Bulldog mix.

Robbie is a 7-year-old, 10 pound Chiweenie.


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American Bulldog & Chiweenie
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