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Chico, a quirky 13yo Chihuahua, came to us after living outside his whole life. We witnessed him seizing at our sanctuary, and he has been diagnosed with a severe heart murmur. This lucky boy has found a patient hospice home to love him despite his quirks.


We rescued Chico when his owners could no longer care for him.


Sweet Chico is ready to find his forever after. He’s a wise old soul, with a cute little trot and a zen attitude.

One of Chico’s greatest joys in life is meal time; he goes for his food with gusto and is always in the mood for a treat. He enjoys other dogs, and would love to have at least one dog friend in his new home.

His favorite time is in the morning, after he wakes up, going outside to take in a little sun and stroll around the yard sniffing the new smells of the day. Then he gets excited because he knows it's breakfast time! He also enjoys short, slow walks to say hi to the neighbors when it's not too hot.

When Chico first came to us, he was scared and untrusting. He had not been loved or properly cared for in a long time. He flinched every time he was touched or picked up. But we're happy to report that over the last couple months, while in his foster home, Chico has learned the joy of LOVE! Now he enjoys being petted, kissed on his little forehead, and hanging out with the family. He has such a laid back personality. He gets along with other animals and greets people with a tail wag.

His perfect home is one with other dog friends, no stairs to climb, and a family that has the patience and gentleness to work with Chico at his pace. He would do great in a peaceful environment to match his chill nature. Chico does have a history of a heart murmur and slight seizures that are controlled by daily medicine.

Chico is a charming, quirky, old man who deserves a wonderful, loving, patient home.


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