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Hank & Chloe

Hank & Chloe

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Howdy! We are the darling duo of Hank and Chloe and we are eager to fill your life with twice the love and twice the fun!

We are both 8 years old with Hank weighing 31 lbs. and Chloe weighing 23 lbs.

We were walking down a rural road with another dog (abandoned, we say) when a Good Samaritan came across us and loaded us up looking for our owner.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, when our owner was found, they didn’t want us any longer. What kind of a howdy-doody is that?

Wouldn’t you say we are both actually better off to be in search of a new forever loving home? Thanks to Forever Loved for making this happen.

We are both very friendly and housetrained. We know how to sit on cue, walk on a leash, and we are very friendly with everyone we meet.

Hank is a Beagle/boxer mix and Chloe is a Beagle mix. Yes, we will sound an adorable hound bay when we hear or see something, but honestly, we know when to quiet down and happily be calm.

We love love love treats, and will give you our undivided attention hoping to earn them.

Chloe loves to play with a ball, and Hank loves to chase it, but won’t bother to grab it or bring it back. Chloe will, though. We are quite the entertaining pair!

We both have been checked out by the vet and our bloodwork came back looking great. Chloe has a twist on her lower front leg from an old injury that never properly healed, but when you see her run for the ball or happily go for a walk, you’d never know it.

Apply to meet and adopt us. We promise to bring a double dose of life and fullness into your household!


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Beagle/Boxer mix and Beagle mix
1 male, 1 female
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